Another adventure begins…

Here I go again, 3 continents to go before my 25th year is up.  I hadn’t planned to do this whole escapade when I turned 25 in Paris… the goal was set after realizing I’d already been to 4 continents this year.  I like the idea of actually doing the things that we can dream up.  Yes, my savings account feels a bit abused, but I’m pretty sure spending all my money to see the world is something I’ll never regret.  So, I got this idea in my head to visit 7 continents after my Australia/Bali trip.  I did some research for fun to see if it would be an option to go to Antarctica.  This untouched continent at the bottom of the world is pretty much only visited by scientists, although a few cruise companies have begun sailing weirdos down who want to stare at ice and penguins.  The more research I did, the more intrigued I became- the photos show its incredible beauty, the idea of such isolation seems peaceful, and it would certainly be an experience to remember.  Most of the trips I found down there were quite pricey because you had to go with a scientist exploration, but I did find one cruise line that went down there for an extremely reasonable price.  I’ve never had any desire to go on a cruise, and the cruise itself is what I’m least excited about.  However, it’s the only way to get to one of my final destinations, so here I am.  This particular cruise leaves out of Buenos Aires Argentina and goes along the coast of South America.  The cruise itself was only 2 weeks, so I wanted to do a little bit of traveling around South America while I was in the area.  Originally I had planned to go on the cruise with my college buddy TJ and we were going to spend a week in Brazil beforehand.  After TJ was unable to come at the last minute, the change of plans lead to my new boyfriend Ricky taking his spot.  As disappointing as it was to not have that time with TJ, it worked out well to be going with someone who not only is a traveler, but is from Uruguay!  This lead to a whole new plan: 2 weeks riding motorcycles along the whole coast of Uruguay up to Brazil.  Not only will this be an adventure, but we also will be going during Carnaval!  Talk about an experience! Staying in hostels on beaches along the way, I plan to take lots of pictures, learn a bit of Spanish, experience a new culture, and enjoy the South American summer!

Packing for this trip was quite funny… from down jackets and gloves to bikinis and beach towels, to sequin dresses and motorcycle goggles.  What a diverse month this will be! Internet will be extremely limited especially on the cruise, so I’ll update this as often as I can.  9 countries in 1 month… let’s hope this trip goes as smoothly as the last 2!!

Here’s the general itinerary:

Jan 25- El Salvador

Jan 26-31 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jan 31- Feb 13 Falkland Islands, Antarctica, Chile, Uruguay

Feb 14-26 Uruguay, Brazil

Feb 26-27 Peru, Costa Rica

Feb 28 Home sweet home!

Ciao for now!


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    […] Nina and I are renting motorcycles in Uruguay and heading East until we hit Brazil 14th Punta del Este 15-16 Carneval en La Pedrera 17-18 Cabo Polonio 19-21 Punta del Diablo, and Chui, Brasil 22-23 Head back west towards Jose Ignacio/ Punta del Este 24 Back in Montevideo for two more days. Then head home, but not before spending a night in Lima! […]

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